G.Skill sets new DDR4 overclock world record of 4,255MHz

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Ripjaws 4

G.Skill sent out a cheery email on Monday announcing that it has set a new world record for DDR4 memory frequency overclock speed. Using a single 4GB stick of Ripjaws 4 Series DDR4 memory in single-channel mode, the company has hit a DDR4 memory frequency of 4,255MHz CL 18-18-18.

The feat was achieved on an Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard (X99 chipset) with an Intel i7-5960X processor using a liquid nitrogen cooling system. The X99 chipset supports quad-channel memory, but a single-stick configuration is better suited for frequency record-setting.

Are you going to be running DDR4 at this speed on a typical gaming PC? Of course not. In other words, this is all a bit of a marketing ploy, but it's a cool ploy nonetheless. Our RAM feels just a bit sluggish today, for some reason...

Check out the full CPU-Z validation of the record below.

G.Skill DDR4 world record

Images via G.Skill

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