Grow Home sequel Grow Up gets release date

Grow Up, the follow-up to last year’s fun and frivolous physics platformer Grow Home (which may or may not have been a Freudian field day), has a launch date. First teased at E3 last month, Ubisoft Reflections has now revealed we’ll be back in control of our favourite Botanical Utility Droid on August 16. 

Whereas Grow Home involved BUD reoxygenating his homeworld, the sequel will see the droid “leaping acrobatically through a new open-world”, so say Ubisoft, as he strives to recover parts of his lost spacecraft. In doing so, he’ll take to a new glider-like “flying companion” named POD, and will get to grips with the Floradex 3000—a device that lets him clone the game’s planets, of which there are 24—in a bid to climb his way up to the moon.   

Like its forerunner, it all sounds like good fun and if Grow Up manages to capture similar standards of intuitive platforming, I reckon we could be onto a winner. Shall we have another gander at the E3 announcement trailer? Let’s:

Grow Up is due to launch August 16.