Grid 2 announced with speedy screenshots and a debut trailer

Good news, street racing fans, Grid is back! Codemasters announce that a sequel will be here next year. Expect better AI and an updated version of Grid's driving model as Codemasters attempt to hit "a sweetspot between accessibility and simulation." An updated version of the EGO engine promises to deliver shinier, sparkier wrecks across a collection of tracks set in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Miami, California, Paris and more.

There will be multiplayer, of course, which will tie into Codemasters' "RaceNet" community portal and offer a "unique progression system" and "deep customisation options." It'll also have "an entirely distinct and extensive gameplay component," but what on Earth does that mean? Scary weather? Dinosaurs? Probably dinosaurs.

Grid 2 has been in pre-production for two years already. Check out the results of Codies' efforts so far in the first four screenshots and debut Grid 2 trailer below and keep an eye on the updated GRID site for more.

Tom Senior

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