How to get Green Goblin in Fortnite

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Green Goblin is flying into Fortnite in a new crossover between Marvel and the battle royale phenom. Spider-Man already landed in Fortnite Chapter 3 last month, but aside from Venom, he was missing some key arch-nemeses. That's changed for good now, as Norman Osborn's alter ego is available as a new skin.

We've rounded up everything we know below. Check out the short trailer below, which shows the Green Goblin exploding out from the Daily Bugle building.

Green Goblin release date in Fortnite

The Green Goblin is now available in the Fortnite item shop for at least 24 hours. He'll likely stick around for a couple of days, but don't wait if you're absolutely dying to get this one.

Green Goblin skin

It's pretty clear that Fortnite is adopting the more comic-centric version of Goblin, complete with a silly purple hat, scaly armor, purple glaives, and a big ol' glider rather than the movie versions that adopted more of a Power Rangers-like suit.

Also included in the Green Goblin bundle is the Pumpkin P'Axe, the Goblin Glider, a huge pumpkin bomb back bling, and a new emote showing your character arming a pumpkin bomb that then floats around you. You can check all that out in the gallery above.

Buying the Green Goblin skin alone will cost you 1,500 V-bucks, but buying the bundle raises that to only 2,100 V-bucks. You can also purchase his glider, his pickaxe, or his emote ala carte.

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