Grand Theft Auto fans were convinced that a big reveal was coming today, but now they're starting to wonder if Rockstar is just messing with them

Red Dead Online "devilish and dapper" community-inspired outfit
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Grand Theft Auto 6 remains both confirmed and unannounced, a Schrödinger-like state of affairs that has some fans so wound up they're seeing signs and portents just about everywhere they look. The latest harbinger from on high? A tweet about a new outfit being added to Red Dead Online.

This is the tweet. What do you see?

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Okay. Now, what do other people see? 

Some see this:

It has to be on purpose from r/GTA6

It's pretty wild: Somehow, GTA fans have discovered a sign from the powers that be that's even more tenuous than the moon tease from earlier this month. At least that one had the Roman numeral VI clearly visible, right? This, on the other hand, is just—well, it's pretty funny, really.

The amusement comes not from the likelihood (or lack thereof) of a new GTA reveal, but from the fact that at this stage I don't think anyone is entirely sure who's taking it seriously and who's just stirring the pot. There are no doubt true believers—there are always true believers—but I get the distinct impression that an awful lot of the windup is coming from people having an ironic laugh about the whole thing. 

This theory dug up by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, for instance, is bonkers, but... well, maybe, right?

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I don't know if this is the only theory calling for an October 24 reveal, but GTA6 has been trending on Twitter all day. Make of that what you will.

One theory that I can actually buy into without too much effort is that all of this is intentional, not because Rockstar is on the cusp of unveiling GTA6 but just because it gets a kick out of messing with its fans. I think that sounds like a tremendously fun idea, but it's also a high-risk maneuver: People get super-mad so easily these days. On the other hand, I have no doubt that all will be forgiven and forgotten the moment GTA6 is formally revealed to the world, and that does afford Rockstar's social team a certain leeway that most other studios don't have.

It's what I would do if I was a community manager. Which is maybe why I'm not a community manager.

Another October 24 theory, which a small part of me suspects isn't entirely sincere:

(Image credit: es076 (Resetera))

My sincere hope is that most of the people taking part in this hype-cranking and rumor-mongering are doing so in the spirit of fun—it's videogames, after all, we're supposed to be having a good time at least some of the time—and that those who buy into these theories are enjoying it too. There's nothing wrong with getting excited for something you care about, after all, and if it doesn't pan out this time, very clearly there's going to be a next time. (And probably many more next times after that, too.)

For anyone desperate for even the slightest little whiff of actual fact, here's this: Rockstar parent Take Two Interactive is reporting its Q2 FY2024 results on November 8, a regular ritual that includes insights into what the company has planned for the future and a Q&A session with bankers and investment types. Is it likely that details about GTA6 will be revealed then? Frankly, no—these things are generally very dull, dry affairs for the benefit of investors. But is it possible? Hey, anything's possible, especially when people are involved: Never forget that Mortal Kombat 12 was revealed not with a flashy trailer or big press release, but because Warner Bros. Discovery CEO Daviid Zaslav biffed it during a conference call.

We will of course be listening in on that call, and will let you know if anything cool happens. In the meantime, here's a little nugget of wisdom from that GTA6 thread on Resetera that we could probably all stand to hear:

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