Grand Theft Auto 6 fans have become so desperate for information they've convinced themselves that the moon is teasing an upcoming reveal

Grand Theft Auto Online Moon Festival
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

We're all far too familiar with the feeling of sheer desperation when waiting for information on our favourite upcoming game. I've been guilty of it, too—combing through trailers frame-by-frame, and devouring every Discord and Reddit theory I can find. Something I can't say I've done is determine that the moon (yes, the actual real-life moon) is pivotal to an upcoming reveal. You know who can say that, though? A handful of fans who are eagerly awaiting Grand Theft Auto 6.

The theory cropped up on Twitter and Reddit, believing that a big announcement for the game is imminent according to GamesRadar. It stems from a promotional image from Rockstar's latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online's Moon Festival event. Two characters are stood in front of the game's Vinewood sign with the majority of it conveniently obscured, leaving only the letters "VI" completely free from any coverage. With VI being the number six in Roman numerals, it's understandably set some fans' radars off. 

A tweet theorising on GTA 6's release

(Image credit: Dirty_Worka via Twitter)

But what does that have to do with the moon, I hear you ask? Well, people smarter (and more hungry for info) than me—like Reddit user ApprehensiveTop8927 and Twitter user Dirty_Worka—have deduced that the moon in the image is in the Waning Gibbous phase. Guess when the real moon is entering the Waning Gibbous phase? You guessed it, today (October 2) and then again on November 1. 

Another layer to the theory is Rockstar's penchant for doing things on a Tuesday: Red Dead Redemption and its sequel both had their announcement and release happen on a Tuesday, and a slew of Grand Theft Auto games were either released or announced on Tuesdays in October. 

The theory appears to have been met with a mixture of ridicule and scepticism, but a small dash of hope amongst it all. "We're all laughing… but what if…" one Reddit commenter pondered, while another called Grand Theft Auto fans "literally the Swifties of the video game community. Completely unhinged, and always attempting to connect the dots."

Is it one of the greatest reaches I've ever seen? Perhaps, but I have to admit the "VI" in that Moon Festival teaser image is lit in a rather suspiciously attention-drawing manner. As for the moon's role in all this, never say never… I wouldn't put it past a company like Rockstar to do something so utterly offbeat. 

To be fair to Dirty_Worka, he does admit that he's "mostly joking," but adds "Rockstar really does like hiding stuff in plain sight and they're a very clever bunch. Part of me wouldn't be surprised if they did something like this." For me, I can't help but sincerely wish the whole thing is true. I suppose we'll find out soon enough if the theories check out.

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