Grand Theft Auto 6's long-awaited trailer finally has a release date

Come, ye weary faithfuls who have held fast to the dying flame—Grand Theft Auto 6 is upon us after ten long years. First, a rumour, then an official confirmation, and now, an official confirmation with a number attached. The sky may fall next.

As posted to Rockstar Games' official twitter account, the GTA 6 trailer (slated to release in December) will be setting the internet on fire next week.

(Image credit: @RockstarGames on Twitter/X.)

Just to reiterate this groundbreaking announcement, we will be getting an official, non-leaked look at an honest-to-god new GTA game Tuesday December 5 at 9 am Eastern. That's 2 pm GMT if you're in the UK. Not having to rise up bright and early to watch this thing is one of the few advantages of being on rain island as winter sets in.

At the time of writing, it's been not even 20 minutes since the tweet went live and it's already sat at 216,000 likes and 86,000 retweets, and I severely doubt those numbers will stay relevant for long. While Rockstar Games has made a good turn out of GTA 5's online live service, I'm certain fans are ready to leave Los Santos for greener pastures.

It's nice to see that the GTA 6 leaks haven't dampened anyone's excitement, either. If anything it might've served to amplify it, with fan theories standing to be confirmed or denied for good. For instance, we'll know for sure whether we're due a return to Vice City, which was hinted at in 2021 and then semi-confirmed by a sign reading "Vice City Metro" in the leaks.

A whole decade of excitement puts a massive amount of pressure on Rockstar Games, though—even for something as simple as a trailer. Back in May, Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick said that the "game needs to be something you've never seen before". He elaborated that the studio would tackle that challenge with the philosophy of "just seek perfection." No pressure, then.

The announcement also says "Trailer 1". While the fact we'll be getting multiple trailers isn't necessarily news to anybody, it's one heck of a way to hype starved fans up—especially when it's been so long. In case you're champing at the bit yourself, we've got a full run-down of everything we know about the game at present. Just don't go on a talk show to demand answers or anything.

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