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Grand Theft Auto 5 sets new concurrent user record on Steam

grand theft auto 5

In what will no doubt come as the least surprising news of the week, if not the entire month, Grand Theft Auto 5 has set a new peak concurrent user record for a non-Valve game on Steam.

GTA 5 peaked at a little over 300,000 concurrent users yesterday, according to GamesIndustry International, and while that's a far cry from Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which respectively peaked at 780,000 and 529,000 users today, it's still leagues ahead of the fourth-place finisher, Football Manager 2015, which posted a peak concurrent user count of 56,000 users.

The number also handily dispatches the previous record, set by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in 2011. That's not bad for a game that's already been out for well over a year and earned more than $1 billion in revenue on other platforms.

Of course, those other platforms won't let you slap an Oculus Rift on your face and take a VR ride through Los Santos, nor will they gain you admittance to the coolest crew in town: The Notorious PCG! Hey, if you're not in—you're out.

Andy Chalk
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