Grab high scores and dodge neon death in NeonPlat

NeonPlat2 2

Today's free game is a fast and flourescent platforming game in which you have to dodge dozens of enemies in an epic quest to paint the white rails blue. Hordes of enemies will try to stop you, and they keep on coming until the whole screen is a yellow sheet of blazing neon.

The randomly generated platforms that slide gracefully across the screen give you the jumping off points to reach the white platforms. Reaching each one and painting its surface blue means dodging the various weird enemies that fall constantly from the sky. Fortunately, floating blue balls can be picked up as you go, and bowled along the rails to take out the critters.

The chaos is exaggerated by the fact that the game wraps. Running off the right hand side of the screen sees you appearing on the left, and falling off the bottom drops you from the top. The missiles you throw will also obey this rule, meaning you can bowl down dozens of enemies with a single circular throw.

The aim is to get as high a score as possible before being overwhelmed by the madness. To vary things up, there's a few other game modes available as well, including one that throws more bosses at you, and a level in which you have to desperately climb away from a rising floor of spikes. There's a host of powerups to grab as well which can slow down time or, even more usefully, give you a lifesaving double jump. You can grab the tiny download here . The trailer below gives a good indication of the chaos you're in for.

Tom Senior

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