Grab a key for the Not Tonight beta

Not Tonight (opens in new tab) drops you into a fragile future where Britain's far-right government is systematically exiling those of European descent—people such as yourself—and you're struggling to survive by hopping between gigs as a bouncer at pubs and events. In a similar fashion to Papers, Please, you'll check IDs and manage guest lists, interfere with unruly patrons, and decide to fight the regime or weather the storm.

If you're a PC Gamer Club Legendary (opens in new tab) member, you'll be getting a code for the Not Tonight beta in your inbox soon. If not, we have 5,000 codes to give away to our readers here.

The beta starts today. The end date is undecided, but it will run for at least a week, and Not Tonight will fully release later this summer. Hit the link below to request a code!

Click here to request a code (opens in new tab)

Note that Godankey won't keep your email address after distributing a code, and we won't see it. Codes can be redeemed on Steam. 

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