Grab a capacious 2TB solid state drive for just $270

Do you need a new storage drive? Rakuten (formerly is selling a Micron 2TB solid state drive for $270.30 with free shipping, after applying coupon code SAVE15 at checkout.

This is a SATA-based SSD, as you could have guessed even without the picture above, as there are simply no 2TB NVMe SSDs going for this price. Not that it really matters for gaming—for the most part, there's not much difference in actual performance between a SATA and NVMe SSD until you get into heavy file transfers.

According to the specs, this drive uses 3D TLC NAND flash memory. Micron rates the drive's sequential read speed at 530MB/s, but doesn't mention write performance. It's not likely to be the fastest out there in SATA SSD territory, though for the money, it doesn't have to be. What you're getting here is a very reasonably priced and capacious drive that's faster than any mechanical hard drive.

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Paul Lilly

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