Gorgeous mech shooter Brigador is free on GOG until Christmas day

a Brigador cityscape
(Image credit: Stellar Jockeys)

After recently giving away Prison Architect at the start of GOG's winter sale, the store is now offering yet another beaut—Brigador, the mech action game by developer Stellar Jockeys from 2016. The Up-Armored Deluxe edition up for grabs contains the game, both volumes of the original soundtrack, two EPs and even an audiobook.

Brigador is an isometric shooter in which you battle fellow mech pilots in front of a neon-soaked pixel art background. The presentation, right down to the soundtrack, captures the Cyberpunk spirit to a 'T', as you go on a rampage through the city and take down everything in your way with a vast assortment of weapons. Your screen can get cluttered and missions become pretty darn difficult towards the end, but Brigador is well worth a look—it made our list of the best mech games on PC, and for more check our review. A sequel called Brigador Killers is in the works, but has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

If Brigador sounds like your jam, you can grab it by going to the GOG main page and scrolling down a little to the Brigador giveaway banner. Ignore the large green winter sale banner on top of the page even though it says Brigador, it will just take you to the sale page. You have until December 25 at 5am PT / 2pm GMT.