Golf With Your Friends bought by Team17 for £12 million

golf with your friends
(Image credit: Team17 Digital Ltd)

Team17 has acquired the rights and assets for Golf With Your Friends for £12million ($16.4million USD.) The acquisition should mean some extra DLC on the horizon, as well as a possible sequel: Team17 announced alongside the news that it hopes to "create additional opportunities to extend the life cycle of the existing game" (thanks, GamesIndustry.)

Golf With Your Friends has been around in early access on PC since 2016 but saw a resurgence in popularity last year when it released across a multitude of platforms. The game was developed by Brisbane-based Blacklight Interactive, with Team17 jumping on board to help publish the various releases last year.

Team17 said in their announcement that Golf With Your Friends had doubled its playerbase in the last two years, "achieving success on multiple gaming platforms," and the studio sees "great potential" in the game's future.

"GWYF is the type of IP we believe is right for ownership, it is successful and proven but still at the start of its journey. The team at Blacklight Interactive can be assured that we will take great care of this amazing IP."

Mollie Taylor
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