GOG says it's ready for Windows 10

Akalabeth: World of Doom

Windows 10 is coming! Windows 10 is coming! No, really, Windows 10 is coming on July 29. And as is the tradition with OS upgrades, that means it's time to start sweating about compatibility with your old games. But maybe not your really old games, because GOG says it's "as ready as can be" for the big move.

GOG said in a statement that its QA team is in the process of testing its library on Windows 10, and that it is "very optimistic" about the transition. "So far, things are looking great. We're encountering very few problems and most of those are either resolvable on our end, or likely to get fixed as Windows 10 nears release," it wrote. "In fact, many games that had issues on operating systems newer than Windows XP once again won’t suffer any hiccups on Windows 10."

The statement acknowledges that Windows 10 is still a "work in progress," and so there's still plenty of time for things to go sideways. Some games may also need to be patched to run properly, and that "likely to get fixed" as Win10 gets closer is a bit off-putting. But right now, GOG is "confident for the future," it said. "This is the smoothest transition to a brand new system that we've ever worked on."

I hope they're right—and I hope everything else in the move to Windows 10 goes smoothly, too.

Andy Chalk

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