Skip to main content announces Windows 8 support for 90% of its catalogue - the digital distributor formally known as Good Old Games (until they started releasing both bad and new games onto their service) - has announced that 90% of their catalogue is now compatible with Windows 8. A news post on their site reveals that they have tested and fixed 431 titles in an effort to fully support Microsoft's new OS.

For the most part these games should work as is, without the need to redownload the installer. As well as working on the most recent Windows, GOG have also said that because of the fixes, the amount of Windows 7 compatible games has also increased.

The announcement comes as a rare bit of good news in the continuing saga of developers and distributors voicing their opinions of Windows 8. Previously the CTO of Croteam, developer of Serious Sam 3, spoke out against the Windows Store , and Notch has called for Microsoft to "stop ruining the PC as an open platform." Valve have also been critical of the OS, spending the last few months seductively whispering "Linux" at anyone within earshot.

But GOG's decleration of support is unlikely to hold any ulterior motives. Their raison d'être is to get classic PC titles running on modern systems, which is exactly what's happening here. Still, if you've been holding off on Windows 8 for fear that it couldn't play Little Big Adventure 2, you no longer have reason to worry.

Phil Savage
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