GOG adds six more Lucasfilm classics


Another half-dozen Lucasfilm classics have been added to the GOG lineup, including The Dig, Loom, and a fan favorite about the man they call McKracken.

I was always more a fan of the Lucas flight sims—Battle of Britain, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, and of course X-Wing and TIE Fighter—but there's no denying that its point-and-click adventures are among the finest ever made. Here's what's in the third batch of Lucas games added to GOG:

Zak McKracken is probably the dig draw here, but Loom and The Dig are very worthy of attention too—especially Loom, which has a bit of a bad rap among some Lucasfilm fans for being too short and simple. (Read more about that in this really cool Loom post-mortem from earlier this month.) Both of those games, along with Monkey Island 2, are on for 20 percent off until March 26, and GOG said even more Lucasfilm games are on the way.

Andy Chalk

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