Godzilla and King Kong are Call of Duty: Warzone's next operators

call of duty warzone monarch
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Say what you will about Call of Duty's strange choices for crossover events over the last year, but somebody has to appeal to 45-year-old action movie dads. It looks like Warzone is kicking things up a notch this time: the real Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard was cute, Rambo and Judge Dredd skins were neat, but what about mother-hecking Godzilla and their best friend King Kong?

That's right, the stars of last year's Godzilla vs. Kong will make an appearance on Caldera during next month's Operation Monarch Warzone event. Activision announced the event on Twitter yesterday with a flashy trailer. "The battle begins May 11," the announcement reads.

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The battle itself remains a mystery, but if Monarch is anything like past Call of Duty events, there will likely be a time-limited mode in which Godzilla and Kong appear and fight each other while everyone stands around watching. Monarch is just one part of Warzone Vanguard Season 3: Classified Arms. Also in the pipeline for Warzone are a few new points of interest, a new perk, another gulag map, and the return of Iron Trials.

call of duty warzone monarch

(Image credit: Activision)

Monarch will also offer three new premium bundles inspired by King Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla. No, the outfits don't actually turn you into a giant lizard or gorilla, but they do transform you into some sort of human/lizard/monkey hybrid. As someone who had zero interest in making myself look like '80s John McClain or Rambo, I have to admit the King Kong outfit is calling to me.

And that's pretty much it for Warzone's roadmap this season. It seems like Warzone updates have gotten scarcer as the months rage on, and there's likely good reason for it. Activision announced earlier this year that Infinity Ward is hard at work on a sequel to Warzone built from the ground up on the engine that will power the next Call of Duty.

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