Gods Will Be Watching "Mercy Update" adds kinder, gentler difficulty levels

Gods Will Be Watching scored a healthy 81 in its PC Gamer review , not bad for a game that "demands cold decisions in nightmare situations and then depicts the results with the heartless edge of a rusty scalpel." But apparently not everyone cares for that sort of gut-wrenching intensity in their "entertainment," and so Deconstructeam has decided to show us all a little mercy.

Released yesterday, the Mercy Update adds three new gameplay modes, including two without RNG: Puzzle Mode, which removes random factors from the game; Puzzle Mode Light, which removes random factors and chance for easier puzzles; and Narrative Mode, "a way to enjoy the game as a narrative experience, without a heavy challenge."

A handful of bugs have also been fixed, including one that keeps Claire from coming back to life when you threaten her child. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it really says something about exactly what kind of game Gods Will Be Watching is.

The Gods Will Be Watching "Mercy Update" is live now on Steam .

Andy Chalk

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