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Git gud for a good cause with Speedsouls' Charity Marathon

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Chances are, if you've watched a Dark Souls speedrun in the last few years, you've watched a SpeedSouls community member in action. As the header image above outlines, the SpeedSouls Charity Marathon runs from November 9-11. Submissions are open now through September 16—across all games and genres. 

Members of the SpeedSouls community are talented. Like really talented. I mean, at one point this Dark Souls 3 speedrunner held all eight world records (opens in new tab) at the same time. The same chap beat the third instalment, its Ashes of Ariandel and Ringed City expansions—without relying on the major exploits often used in these runs—in just one hour, 25 minutes and 19 seconds (opens in new tab). Another Dark Souls speedrunner earned every achievement in just under four hours (opens in new tab)

I'm shattered just thinking about all that. No matter your speedrunning skill, though, submissions for the SpeedSouls Charity Marathon are open to all, and are not limited to the Dark Souls series. More information on how to do so lives here (opens in new tab). Here's a quick blurb on guidelines: 

The SpeedSouls Charity Marathon will be held 9th to 11th of November 2018. If you want to do a race, only one of you needs to fill the submission for it. Include all the racers in the 'additional players' field. Exhibitions are fine. Submissions are not strictly limited to just soulsborne games. For any questions DM Noobest#2805 on Discord. Submissions end on 16th of September. 

And if you don't fancy running, you might like to watch on Twitch and/or chip in during the event itself. Again, hosted on its Twitch channel (opens in new tab), the SpeedSouls Charity Marathon runs from November 9-11.   

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