GigaBash is a cute and chaotic kaiju brawler that makes me miss arcades

If you, like me, watched Godzilla vs. Kong back in April and ended up thinking about how surprisingly fun the old Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters brawler was, you'll probably light up as soon as you see Gigabash, which debuted a new trailer at the PC Gaming Show on Sunday. Malaysian indie developer Passion Republic Games is making a four-player kaiju brawler with some appropriately over-the-top attacks and transformations (that's my way of saying that, one of the characters is a three-eyed snail). 

GigaBash's zoomed out, top-down camera is reminiscent of arena brawlers like Battlerite that were briefly very popular a few years ago, so I'm a little bummed it doesn't sell the immense scale of its fighters the way Destroy All Monsters did. But it also looks much more focused on slapstick, arcadey fun than esports the way Battlerite was—I'm thinking more Power Stone (RIP) or Smash Bros. For example: You can pick up whole buildings and chuck them at other monsters. And when you fill a super bar, your kaiju does get pretty damn big, standing about four times the size of the other puny building-height monsters.

The kaiju designs in Giga Bash are a lot of fun, too. I spy a knock-off Ultraman (who summons a gigantic freaking mech and a sword when he powers up) and the world's most spherical yeti, who I think would be a bit embarrassing to lose to.

In keeping with that arcadey feel it looks like GigaBash bucks the common kaiju trope of its monsters being slow, lumbering beasts—everyone on the screen looks fast and bouncy, a blessing amidst the chaos of a four-player free-for-all. The 3D art also looks pretty darn nice coming from an independent studio. It's detailed, but still cartoony enough to be easily readable.

GigaBash doesn't have a release date yet, but you can follow it in the community Discord or at the official site

Wes Fenlon
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