Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams developer launches new Kickstarter campaign


Black Forest Games, the studio that kickstarted, developed, and produced Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, is delving back into the Kickstarter gauntlet with a new “Run and Gun” co-op platformer called Ravensdale.

The game looks a little like Trine, only with more chains guns and less bloom effects. Black Forest Games didn't show off too much of the game in the initial video, but we're always up for a good co-op adventure—provided the game itself is fun enough to entice our friends (that's you).

Ravensdale has been confirmed to launch on the PC with a ticket price of $15. As it is with almost every other Kickstarter out there, the more you invest, the more stuff you get. Chipping in an extra few gold pieces will get you soundtracks and art books, while providing $10,000 will get you a bust of yourself. I suspect those who have the money to drop $10,000 on Kickstarter projects already have plenty of busts of themselves, though can you really have too many busts?

What makes this Kickstarter different, however, is that those who spot Black Forest Games at least five dollars can vote on design decisions the development team will eventually face, impacting how the final product will eventually turn out. Basically, the studio will have multiple designs ranging from enemy types to level designs, and the Kickstarter backers will choose which they want to see in the actual game.

Black Forest Games hasn't revealed its stretch goals in the chance it fund its project well past the $500,000 asking price, but said it will address them once that situation looks more realistic.