Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta begins next week, prepare with a new trailer

Good news for fans of simulating the business end of the interminable war on drugs: Ubisoft has announced that the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta will begin on February 3. Players will have a full weekend to travel to the (digital) province of Itacua, solo or in squads of up to four, doing battle with the vicious Santa Blanca cartel.

The announcement came alongside a new trailer showcasing the game's customization options for both players and weapons. Before the action begins, you can select gender, ethnicity, hairstyle, tattoos, and apparently even an eye patch if the piratical look is your thing. Loadouts can be customized on the fly, and the Ghosts will level up with skill points, which enable players to specialize their characters—not in "classes," exactly, but more in the sense of "play styles that suit the way you want to play." 

Beta preloading will begin on February 1, which means you'll be able to start shooting the fictional South American countryside up as soon as the flag drops. It is a closed beta, so signing up doesn't guarantee you'll get in, but not signing up guarantees that you won't. If you find that argument compelling, you can put your name in the hat at

Andy Chalk

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