Ghost Recon Wildlands gets a horde mode in Special Operations 4

Ghost Recon Wildlands players who have been waiting patiently for a horde mode have finally had their wishes granted. Today's rollout of Special Operation 4 has added a new PvE mode to the game called Guerrilla that pits a team of four Ghosts, controlled by humans or AI, against increasingly difficult waves of Santa Blanca and Unidad enemies.   

Before each new wave begins, players will have the opportunity to visit a conveniently-located weapons shop to trade in scavenged gear and change or upgrade their loadouts. There will be 25 waves in total, which players can take on with AI or human partners—or solo, if you're into that kind of thing—with survival rewards including prestige credits, XP, in-game resources, and an "exclusive reward" of some sort, which I would guess will be a special bit of "attaboy" for anyone who can make it all the way to the end. 

Special Operation 4 will also enable Wildlands players set the time of day in solo play, and make use of the compass that's available in the Ghost War PvP mode in the single-player campaign. New items have been added to Battle Crates and the in-game store, and everyone who played the game during year 2 will be given a special weapon and customization reward via the Ubisoft Club.

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 4 is live now. Full patch notes are up at

Andy Chalk

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