Here are all the weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

ghost recon breakpoint weapons
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What guns are in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? As you'd expect from Ghost Recon, there are a lot of 'em. Ghost Recon games have always been about crafting tactical loadouts, cobbling together your best kit, and swapping out weapons to handle a variety of military operations. That's still true in Breakpoint.

This invariably leads to a bumper backpack full of guns, and a lot of time spent deciding what to take into combat. Knowing a bit about each gun and how you can customize it will make that process easier. Here’s a list of all the Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons you'll have at your murderous disposal.

How Ghost Recon: Breakpoint weapon customization works

As well as a number of weapons to use, each will be customizable per part via the gunsmith system in Breakpoint, which allows you to swap out muzzles, rails, under barrels, and more. 

You can also paint your guns in different colors to truly make your loadout unique with the per-part aesthetic customization system in the game. Players have two slots for regular two-handed weapons and a sidearm slot to fill.

Now here's each gun type, and the four Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes they suit best.

Assault rifles

The bread and butter of Breakpoint, assault rifles are a popular choice across all classes. But naturally, they lend themselves to the aptly-named Assault class. Assault players receive recoil reduction and gain proficiency with ARs, so it’s a no-brainer to pick out a good one with which to mow through the Wolves.

  • 805 Bren: Best damage/handling combo in class
  • A2: High muzzle velocity, strong power with a hell of a kick
  • 416: Highly versatile. The gold standard
  • AK-47: Best penetration in class, kicks like a mule
  • AUG: Highly accurate, high range, slow reload
  • G36C: Most agile in class, less damage
  • AK12: Agile, retaining good range at the cost of stopping power
  • MK17: High range, high damage, punishing spread
  • SC-20K: Best in class for muzzle velocity, long reload
  • TAVOR: Best in class for handling, packed shots
  • M4A1: Best in class ROF, demanding recoil
  • AK74: Best in class range, highly accurate, power trade-off
  • 416 Shorty | Brown: Nomad's signature rifle
  • MK17 Assault | Wolves: Assault variant: tougher recoil, higher power
  • VHSD2: Versatile carbine with high accuracy, reload and recoil trade-off
  • 553: Good damage and penetration, less range

Light machine guns

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If you’re looking for some heavy weapons in Breakpoint, you can’t go wrong with an LMG. High power, tremendous recoil and limited mobility are the perks here. Consider spreading their use across other tank-focused classes like Assault and Field Medic.

  • CTMMG: Tough recoil, long range and highly portable
  • L86A1: Lightest in class, converted ASR, damage trade off
  • MG121: High damage and kick with good mobility for its power
  • 6P41: Strongest firepower in class, tough recoil
  • MK48: High damage, high ROF, tough spread
  • T95: Fastest reload in class, range and power trade off

Submachine guns

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Nimble and powerful, submachine guns should be the weapon of choice for those who love to spray and pray. They still require tactical thinking though: SMGs suit the Panther class well, the stealthy member of the team who boasts a cloaking ability. Crucially they can disable the reduced damage hit of suppressors on handguns and submachine guns. This way you can skulk in the darkness with an SMG and pick Wolves off with ease.

  • P90: High damage and mag capacity, punishing recoil, low accuracy
  • Bullpup PDR: ASR caliber, hard hitting but harder to manage
  • Scorpion Evo3: High rate of fire and stability, muzzle velocity and range trade off
  • MP7: Highest mobility in class at the cost of damage and range
  • Vector: Highest ROF in game, low recoil, damage and accuracy trade off
  • SN-9mm: High impact and good range, low on accuracy
  • MP5: highest firepower in class at the cost of accuracy and mobility
  • UMP: Lowest muzzle velocity in class but packs a punch

Sniper rifles

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Breakpoint's Sharpshooter class is designed specifically for snipers: it lets them use bullets that blast through armour and deal high damage. As well as their useful class technique, Sharpshooters can hold their breath longer while using snipers and marksman rifles.

  • L115A3: The middle ground between larger caliber and less stopping power. Best of both worlds
  • M82: Highest firepower in class, punishing recoil
  • Recon-A1: Light and mobile bullpup, highly agile with reload trade off
  • HTI: Highly lethal and fairly agile, reload trade off
  • Scorpio: Best mobility and tragedy acquisition in class, less power
  • HTI | Survival: Part of the Survival Series. Highly lethal and fairly agile, reload trade off
  • TAC50 | Brown: Part of the Rowan Brown Series. Highest range in class, less mobility
  • TAC50: Highest range in class, less mobility


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Crunchy and unparalleled in power, shotguns are the perfect secondary weapon for classes who want to deal strong close-quarters damage. Needless to say, they're best put to use in an Assault or Field Medic build, those that'll want to get into the thick of the action.

  • M4: Strongest in class at the cost of mobility
  • KSG12: Largest magazine in class at the cost of range and reload speed
  • RUI2SG: Mag-fed semi auto shotgun, solid all rounder
  • SASG12: Full auto with a kick and damage trade off


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Handguns should be used across all classes and are quite useful when you’ve run out of your ammo for your primary weapon. Choose wisely as to whether you want a semi-automatic quick-firing pistol or something devastating but slow like the Desert Eagle.

  • 5.7 USG: High caliber pistol, great firepower and capacity at the cost of tough recoil
  • C-SFP: Shortest range in class, packs a punch
  • Desert Eagle: Packs a punch, high recoil. Needs no introduction
  • F40: High magazine capacity, good all rounder
  • M1911: High range and accuracy, slower reload
  • M9: High magazine capacity and damage, less range and harder to control
  • P227: Highest mobility in class with lesser range
  • P320: Fastest reload speed in class, wide sights
  • P45T: Hood middle ground between more damage and control
  • PX4: Good damage, harder to control
  • USP Tactical: Best sight acquisition in class, low damage

Designated Marksman Rifles

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As with sniper rifles, designated marksman rifles are best suited to the Sharpshooter class. Hold your breath, take aim, and breeze past those PMC baddies.

  • FRF2: Highest range and accuracy in class, bolt action trade off
  • G28: Great all around, high ROF, less damage and range
  • MK14: Full auto action at the cost of lowest range and damage in class
  • MK14 Assault | Brown: Part of the Rowan Brown Series. Assault variant: tougher recoil, higher power
  • SVD-63: Strongest firepower in class at the cost of rate of fire