These are the Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes and how to change them

how to change breakpoint classes
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Which of the four Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes you choose will define your trudge through the island of Auroa. Since this is a Ubisoft game, your playable environment is rather large with plenty of things to do, so you're going to be here a while. 

Thankfully you can change class in Breakpoint at any time if you know how to do it, which significantly reduces the pressure on you as you're creating your character. That way you can solo through the game as a high-damage-dealing Assault player in the early stages and change to a Sharpshooter who gives their team co-ordinated instructions and devastating firepower from above. Just make sure you know how to hold your breath in Breakpoint, first. 

So, here I'm breaking down each of the playable Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes and how to change them, so you can get straight into the action and freshen up your tropical soldiering whenever you fancy.

All Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes

The four Breakpoint classes are Field Medic, Sharpshooter, Assault, and Panther. Below is the unique item each class has, their main technique, and the feats you must accomplish to fill the technique gauge.


Technique: True Grit—Recoil reduction and damage resistance. Kills heal and extend duration
Gas Grenade—Hand-thrown Area Control Device: damages over time
Resilience (extra health), Assault Proficiency (bonuses with assault rifles and shotguns
Technique Gauge Filler:
kills and damage dealt to drones, kills with explosives, close-range kills


Technique: Cloak & Run—Disappear behind a smokescreen
Cloaking Spray—Self use: renders user undetectable by drones
In The Shadows (bonus stealth), Swift Steps (faster movement speed), Silent Death (suppressors on handguns and submachine guns do not reduce damage)
Technique Gauge Filler:
kills and damage dealt to drones, kills while in stealth, close-range kills

Field Medic

Technique: Healing Drone—heals and revives friendly team mates
Medkit—hand-deployable device: heal injuries and gain extra health
First Aid (faster revive), Pallbearer (carry bodies faster), Phoenix (can self-revive)
Technique Gauge Filler:
kills and damage dealt to drones, revive team mates, kills by team mates


Technique: Armor Buster—high-penetration bullets with bonus damage and muzzle velocity
Item: Sensor Launcher—launched device: marks enemies in a large area
Proficiencies: Deep Lungs (longer breath control while aiming) Long Range Proficiency (bonuses with sniper rifles and DMRs)
Technique Gauge Filler: kills and damage dealt to drones, headshot kills, long-range kills

How to change classes in Breakpoint

If you're growing tired of your current class, or fancy playing a support role now your friends have logged on, you can change classes in Breakpoint's bivouacs. In these rough-and-ready tents you can do numerous things to prepare for your next mission, but you'll need the skill points to spend if you want to unlock a new class. You can do that in the 'Skills' tab in the main menu.

Provided you've done that, you can change your class under the 'Tactics' section of the bivouac menu. Here are some more things you can do as you set up camp: 

  • Buy and sell weapons
  • Spawn vehicles
  • Craft items and food rations
  • Initiate preparations for a range of pre-mission buffs
  • Change time to day or night (as you pack away your tent)
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