Ghost Recon Breakpoint is crossing over with Rainbow Six Siege later this month

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the tactical shooter that won't stop trying to win back our hearts, is crossing over with Rainbow Six Siege for its upcoming Operation Amber Sky season. The event kicks off on January 21 with a free nine-mission storyline starring three attackers from Siege's roster: Ash, Thatcher, and Finka.

The micro campaign concerns the sale and distribution of a new chemical weapon on Aurora called "Amber Ruin." Siege operators are deployed to Aurora to deal with it and the Ghosts are tagging along for another Clancyverse team-up. With Amber Ruin making the air unbreathable on these missions, players will have to maintain their gas mask and replace its filter "regularly." Hitting a little close to home in 2021, Ubi.

Playing through the missions will unlock the Siege operator skins for use in Breakpoint, which is kind of a weird concept. I assume you'll still be playing as Nomad despite looking like Ash. You'll also have the option to call Siege ops in as replacements for normal teammates.

Ghost Recon Wildlands fans will remember that this isn't the first time the series has crossed over with Siege. In 2018, Caveira, Twitch, and Valkyrie starred in their own side story.

Operation Amber Sky's launch on January 21 will coincide with a free weekend for Breakpoint running through January 24 on every platform. There's also a massive sale on the game happening at the same time in case you've been waiting to pick it up. I played Breakpoint last year after the Ghost Experience update and had a good time turning off weapon scores and playing it like a tactical survival sim.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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