Ghost Recon Breakpoint announced, gets October release date

After a not-too-subtle leak of Ubisoft's own this week, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been formally announced, and it already has a release date: October 4, 2019. 

Breakpoint is set behind enemy lines on a "mysterious island" with a variety of environments, including fjords and a volcano—plus drones, of course, because it's kind of futuristic in the way Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is. As previously speculated, The Punisher/The Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal is playing a key role in the game.

"You are no longer the hunter," says Ubisoft. Instead, we're being hunted by an equally-elite team, the Wolves, and the title 'Breakpoint' is meant to imply that our mission is on the verge of failure. 

There'll be four classes at launch "with more to come" later, and players can switch classes while resting at a temporary camp, called a Bivouac. Players can also be injured now, causing them to limp around until healed. 

You can watch the gameplay reveal above, and the full reveal stream below. For more, check out Andy's preview.

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