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Ghost of a Tale trailer pits a mouse against its age-old enemy, the crab

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You don't know cute until you've seen a mouse in a suit of armour running away from an angry crab. Ghost of a Tale (opens in new tab) —our last mention was over a year ago (opens in new tab) , when it was looking for funding—is almost too adorable to process, but I'll bravely give it a go. It's an action-adventure-stealth type thing starring a mouse with a lute on its back, and it's one that appears to be coming along exceptionally well. The following trailer was shown at Gamescom this week during Microsoft's press thingy, but rest assured that it's "primarily a PC game".

It's been a long time since we covered Ghost of a Tale, so here's a quick reminder: it's a game about a mouse in a rat-eat-rat world, blending elements of action, adventure, stealth, and most of the things that lie in-between. Developer Seith wrote a few words about what we can expect, in a recent blog post (opens in new tab) talking about the trailer:

"People expecting the scale of Skyrim or the action of Dark Souls are not going to find it. Instead they'll find a small game with elements of exploration, action, stealth, adventure, and I hope the charm and heart which I think so many bombastic AAA games lack nowadays."

What it apparently lacks in scale, however, it makes up for in atmosphere, animation and visual clout. I can't wait to explore this beautiful world.

Ghost of a Tale will be out in 2015. Here are the sorts of things your hamster gets up to while you're at work:

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