'Get some' extra XP and new skins in the Fortnite Share the Love event

Perhaps because my significant other walked out of the room when I asked her to spend Valentine's Day with me in Fortnite making a very large and powerful rendition of Shaggy out of van-sized bricks, Epic has announced the Share the Love event. It's set to run from February 8 to 27. More than enough time to make that big boy on my own.

The event will feature a few colorful reward incentives, including a free Cuddle Team Leader wrap for anyone that buys something using a Creator Code and some unlockable skin styles for Trog, Powder, and Onesie. Take a look at 'em below. 

Epic's also hosting two double XP weekends: February 15 to 17 and 22 to 24. For the Creative players, a new community created island will feature every day of the event as part of the Featured Island Frenzy.

The thirstiest of Fortnite players get something too, don't worry. The Share the Love competitive series will run placement matches on February 9 and 10. Some new competitive features will show up for the series as well, though we're not sure what to expect.

A final sneaky detail: the post notes that the Share the Love event ends on February 27, "right before the arrival of Season 8." That's a two-week delay, and a major relief. A million games are coming out next Friday, the day after Season 8 was expected to hit. I can breathe. 

That also gives the latest run of in-game events more time to breathe. Earthquakes have started to shake the island, the prisoner is breaking free of his shackles, and the snow is melting. What awaits? I think we'll see Fortnite Season 8 introduce some new water areas. Read my entire dissertation and everything else you need to know about Fortnite Season 8 before the 27th and you too might see the light.