Get one of our favorite gaming chairs, the Respawn 200, for 22% off

While I've long advocated for a certain amount of tact and restraint among gaming peripheral manufacturers, one segment where this advice certainly hasn't found much purchase is amongst gaming chairs. Witness: the Respawn 200, a magnificent explosion of color and sharp angles and exquisite comfort on par with the most surreal of modern art, a luxury seat now available at 22% off ($166.94) on Amazon. 

At this price, is one of the cheapest of our best gaming chair selections, but it doesn't lack for comfort or quality, sporting a plush leather seat and airy mesh back. The design, like many of its competitors, is derived from high-end racing seats, and it certainly would look at home parked in the chassis of a Hendrick's Motorsports NASCAR racecar. For a full breakdown of all the best ways to pamper your back and bottom, bop over to our complete best gaming chair roundup. And for a PC to nestle this beauty in front of, check out our breakdown of the best gaming PC money can buy.

Respawn 200 gaming chair | $166.94 ($48 off)

Respawn 200 gaming chair | $166.94 ($48 off)
A ridiculously cozy gaming seat and one of our choices for the best gaming chair money can buy, the Respawn 200 matches it's over-the-top looks with over-the-top comfort.

You could certainly pay a lot more for a gaming or office chair if you wanted, but in this price range the Respawn 200 is one of the best of the best. Its excellent design is the result of manufacturer OFM's long history of turning out quality ergonomic office furniture, and that legacy is evident in the plush, breathable design.

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