Get Inside and Limbo for less than $13 this weekend

Steam's latest Weekend Deal casts its magic money saving wand over Playdead's ultra-stylish puzzle platformers Limbo and Inside. Between now and Monday 10am PST/6pm BST those interested can net both games for less than £10/$13. 

First, 2011's shadowy, sombre and 92-review scoring Limbo is going for just £1.39/$1.99 with an 80 percent discount. The game Kim Richards described as a "beautifully designed masterpiece of a platform game" with scope to "chill, challenge and charm in equal measure," is easily one of the best of its kind—even considering its age—and is one of my own personal favourites. For half the price of a pint, there's no better time to give this a run for its money. 

Inside, on the other hand, is subject to a 40 percent reduction and is on sale for £8.99/$11.99. Andy awarded Playdead's Limbo follow-up a wholesome 76 in his review at launch last year, and the sidescroller went on to win the Best Shortform accolade in our end of year awards. I particularly liked how former PC Gamer production editor extraordinaire Tony Ellis described his time with it: 

"[Inside] is such a stark, cheerless, unfriendly setting, where men wordlessly throttle young boys to death and everything seems hopeless. And it’s presented so beautifully! The use of lighting and silhouette, and most of all animation, makes almost every moment a miniature work of art. Spending time in this bleak world, solving its puzzles and dying horribly, was a genuine pleasure." 

Opting for the Playdead Adventure Pack nets you both games together and sees both sold at £9.34/$12.58. 

Again, Playdead's Steam sale is live now through Monday 10am PST/6pm BST.