Get Hotline Miami, Olliolli, Titan Souls and Not A Hero for less than £10 in Humble's Devolver Digital sale

The ever-outlandish Devolver Digital has teamed up with The Humble Store this week to give us the aptly named Devolver Digital week—a sale period which sees up to 85 percent off a selection of the publisher's games. 

Big hitters such as Hotline Miami, its equally brutal and stylish sequel Wrong Number, and philosophy puzzler The Talos Principle are all worth a punt if you're yet to play them—going for £1.39, £2.99 and £7.49 (or your regional equivalent) respectively, with 75-80 percent discounts. 

Not a Hero and Broforce are another two of my favourites listed, both of which are subject to 75 percent reductions at £2.49 and £2.99 in turn; while the gun-tastic bullet-hell shooter Enter the Gungeon is half price at £5.49.

The "point and click hugventure" Dropsy is another good shout at just £1.74, and, if you're extra tight for cash this week, I'd recommend gamified Tinder-like Reigns at £0.84, or the wonderful Downwell for £0.99. 

The Humble Store's Devolver Digital Week will run this week—the full list of discounted Devolver games can be found over here, with five percent of each purchase going to charity as per Humble's standard. As always, let us know your favourite deals in the comments south of here. 

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