Get Gwent closed beta access

It was obvious as we hacked and slashed our way through The Witcher 3 that the in-game card game, Gwent, was a bit special. There were monsters to slay and a world to save, but instead we spent hours in the pub playing cards with scruffy strangers. We loved it so much that we investigated how Gwent was made last year.

This card duelling game, set in the gritty low-fantasy world of The Witcher, is now a standalone game. Want to play? Simply follow the instructions in the widget below and you'll receive an activation link via email.

We have 10,000 keys today, which will be distributed on a first come, first served bases. Don't worry if you miss out, though. We'll be giving away closed beta access with copies of PC Gamer magazine in the UK, which goes on sale March 9.

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