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Get Black Friday savings now with $350 off this Lenovo Legion gaming laptop from Walmart

Get Black Friday savings now with $350 off this Lenovo Legion gaming laptop from Walmart
(Image credit: Lenovo)

Gaming laptops can be notoriously expensive, but you can grab this rock-solid Lenovo Legion Y540 gaming desktop from Walmart for $849 ($350 off). This slim 15-inch laptop pulls no punches and is ideal for gaming on the go with its 60Hz 1080p display powered by a true GTX 1660Ti. While not an ultra-portable device by any means, the Legion weighs in at a modest 8.5lbs and has a solid 5-hour battery life, meaning you're never tied down unless you absolutely want to be.   

While the included Core i5-9300H processor is a bit slower than newer versions of the Legion laptop, which come equipped with the 9750H, this is more than sufficient for the 1080p gaming the Legion was designed for. Some other notable specs include a 256GB NVMe SSD accompanied by 1TB of bulk storage, giving you plenty of room for games and assorted media, as well as 16GB of DDR4 memory for those dozens of Chrome tabs you've got open over the upcoming Black Friday video game deals. The Legion also supports some robust connectivity options, including USB-C and Mini-DP, in addition to the standard HDMI and USB-A. The understated aesthetics of this laptop don't exactly scream "I'm a gamer" from the rooftops, either, but still look plenty sharp with a backlit keyboard and brushed aluminium finish. 

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Lenovo Legion Y540 15.6"| $849 at Walmart (save $350)
This sleek laptop from Lenovo features a 1660ti and 256GB SSD, ideal for gaming at 1080p on its 60Hz panel. View Deal

Plenty of the best gaming laptops absolutely dwarf these specs, but they will dwarf the Lenovo Legion in size too. What's the point of a gaming laptop if you need to haul around 20Lbs of power bricks with it? With the Lenovo Legion, you get a solid compromise between performance and portability that stresses providing an excellent gaming experience above all else. 

If you're curious how these savings stack up, make sure to check out our guide to the best Black Friday laptop deals for the big picture.  

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