Get an Intel Core i7-8700 and Gigabyte Z370 Aorus motherboard for $370

When shopping for parts to build a new PC, it's a good idea to look for (A) sales and (B) any combo offers that might be available. With regards to the latter, Newegg is offering a nice discount on an Intel Core i7-8700 CPU paired with a Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming motherboard.

If purchased separately, the two would run $451.98. However, Newegg is knocking $52 off the top as part of a bundle, bringing the price down to $399.98. On top of that, there's a $30 mail-in-rebate available (on the motherboard), so you're looking at $369.98 after cashing that in, saving $82 in all.

These parts hardly need an introduction at this point, but to quickly recap, the Core i7-8700 is a 6-core/12-thread Coffee Lake processor clocked at 3.2GHz to 4.6GHz, with 12MB of L3 cache. note that this is not the i7-8700K, so overclocking is not supported (which makes the inclusion of a Z370 board somewhat unnecessary).

As for the motherboard, it's based on Intel's Z370 chipset and sports three PCIx x16 slots (two of which are reinforced), three PCIe x1 slots, six SATA connectors, two M.2 connectors, and onboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can grab this combo here.

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