Get a WD Red 4TB hard drive and $25 Best Buy gift card for $120

In case you need more storage, Best Buy has a pretty good offer on a WD Red 4TB hard drive for NAS appliances. The HDD is currently on sale for $120, which itself is a decent discount. However, Best Buy sweetens the with a $25 store gift card (usable online or in-store). Less exciting (but worth mentioning), you also get a choice of $20 to spend at Shutterfly or a free 8x8 photo book.

The WD Red series is built for NAS boxes, though they work just fine in a traditional PC. If you're looking for anecdotal evidence, I've been running a 3TB WD Red in my main PC for several years now without issue (knock on wood).

WD drives in general have also fared pretty well with Backblaze, a cloud backup company that periodically releases HDD reliability reports.

The 4TB model that's on sale has 64MB of cache, error recovery controls, and noise and vibration protection. According to WD, it's suitable for NAS boxes with up to eight drive bays. WD warranties this drives for three years.

You can grab the 4TB WD Red on sale here. The accompanying $25 gift card is automatically added to your cart.

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Paul Lilly

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