Get a Steam key for Circuit Breakers when you join the PC Gamer Club this month

This month, anyone who's part of the PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) membership program gets a Steam key for fast-paced co-op top-down shooter Circuit Breakers. We’ve teamed up with our pals at (opens in new tab), a retailer of Steam keys and bundles, and publisher Excalibur to offer you this game. 

Circuit Breakers coincides with the release of Excalibur's forthcoming Flashing Lights - Police Fire EMS (opens in new tab), an open world emergency services game that can be played in both single and multiplayer, which came out last week. 

Circuit Breakers is a fast-paced multiplayer top down shoot 'em up. You can gather up to five friends and combine your powers to take down a deadly robot army. 

Members of the PC Gamer Club also get an ad-free version of the site, a digital version of the magazine to read every month, access to the exclusive PC Gamer Club Discord channel, and free in-game items from the likes of RuneScape, Elite Dangerous and more. Head here and find out more about joining up (opens in new tab)

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