Get a look at some real adventure game logic in this 13-minute Life is Strange: True Colors video

We've seen a few trailers for Life is Strange: True Colors, the upcoming adventure game about a young woman who can experience and manipulate the emotions of others and her quest to discover the truth behind her brother's death. With the game now just a few weeks away, Square Enix has dropped a lengthy new video providing a more in-depth look at how it will actually play.

The video takes place in a local record store/radio station, the "cultural landmark" of Haven Springs, the small town where Life is Strange: True Colors is set. Alex, the lead character, explores the shop, makes nice with some locals, sends a text message or two, and engages in a spot of adventure-game logic in the form of finding a toy to give to the cat so she can get the list of album purchases it's sitting on. 

There's plenty of slightly awkward, music-related chit-chat, and near the end we get a glimpse at Alex's unique ability—and a sense of why she sometimes views it as a curse—as she bears witness to a heated phone call. 

Life is Strange: True Colors is set to launch on September 10. Steph, the DJ who appears in the video, will star in her own prequel DLC called Wavelengths that's set to arrive on September 30—you can catch a trailer for that below.

Andy Chalk

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