Get a Halo-inspired Spartan Ship Set for Sea of Thieves for free this week

Sea of Thieves is essentially a fashion show. It's a ton of fun, especially when you've got a good crew to go sailing with, but when you get right down to brass tacks the goal is to do piracy so you can make money so you can buy stuff so you can look good. That's it.

For the duration of E3, however, you can make yourself look good (in a very specific way) just by showing up. Anyone who plays either Adventure or Arena within that time frame will be given the Spartan Ship Set, inspired by Halo and developed "in partnership with" 343 Industries. 

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The set includes sails, flag, hull livery, and that thing at the front of the boat that you use to smash into docks, rocks, small islands, other people, and everything else you could have easily avoided if you hadn't been dicking around getting drunk and playing the squeezebox in the crow's nest.

Hey, you play it your way, I'll it play mine. The Spartan Ship Set is available until 7 pm ET on June 15, but may take up to 72 hours to be added to your account.

Andy Chalk

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