Get a Deepcool Genome II liquid cooling case and 500W PSU for $180

If you're interested in liquid cooling but are wary of piecing together your own kit, there are multiple all-in-one solutions on the market. There is also the Deepcool Genome II, a unique looking case with a pre-installed 360mm liquid cooling system that is ready to go. Newegg currently has the case on sale, and it's throwing in a Rosewill Glacier Series 500W modular power supply to boot.

The case is currently marked down to $200, though if you apply promo code EMCSRDCB3, it drops the price down to $180. This case normally goes for around $215 and higher, at least for the black and green color combination featured here.

On the liquid cooling side, the case comes with a "breathing light" pump attached to a water block, transparent helix reservoir that is prominently display in the front of the enclosure, and a 360mm radiator with three fans. It supports a variety of sockets from both Intel and AMD, though it's not clear if the case offers support for AM4 motherboards.

You can install two 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drives in this case. It also comes with a PCI-Express extension cable so that you can install your graphics card vertically and show it off through the side window.

As to the PSU, Rosewill's Glacier 500W model is 80 Plus Bronze certified. Most of the cables are modular, save for the main power connectors. They're also long at 600mm.

You can grab the Deepcool Genome II on sale here.

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