Get a beta code and special tank for World of Tanks


Widely used by the Allies and Soviets during WWII, the Valentine proved to be a reliable tank early on in the war against Germany due to its small size and decent armor. And PC Gamer is letting you drive one of these lauded tanks in the upcoming free-to-play MMO World of Tanks. We're giving out closed beta codes to the first 50 people that ask for 'em. Even better, when you use our code to access the beta, you'll receive the Valentine tank to charge into battle with, and will be able to keep it after the game goes live! Full details below.

Update 2: The contest is over. Stop emailing us.

Update: Wow. I knew PC Gamer readers love tanks, but that was insane! Four minutes after posting this article, we'd already received 50 emails. So we're going to give away more! In addition to the first 50 recipients, we'll give away beta codes (with the tank) to 50 random people who email us before noon PST tomorrow.

To receive your beta key, email with “WoT Valentine giveaway” in the subject line and get a beta key while supplies last!

Normally a premium item in the in-game store, the players who win the closed beta key for World of Tanks will also be given the Valentine tank which will remain with the player through the entire beta period and into the release.

To redeem your closed beta key and the Valentine tank, head over to and register for an account. Fill in your code and enjoy your new tank.