Generation Zero, the retro-Swedish killer robot open-world shooter, is coming in March

Generation Zero is an open-world co-op shooter set in a 1980s Sweden overrun by giant death robots that's being developed by the studio that did Mad Max and the Just Cause games, and if that concept doesn't have you immediately intrigued then we probably don't have anything more to talk about. But if it does, then you'll also be interested to hear that it's been slated for release on March 26. 

The game world will feature a full day/night cycle with weather effects, ballistics simulations, and "persistently simulated" enemies: If you bang one up but can't finish it off, it will remain damaged and you'll have an easier time of wrapping up your business if and when you encounter it later.  (Apparently, for all their technological advancements, Generation Zero's termination machines haven't yet figured out arc welders.) It's playable solo, or in teams of up to four in "seamless" co-op multiplayer. 

Samuel played through a brief demo of the game last August and found it "fun but simple," with "set pieces [that] can get nice and busy." There's a strong element of survival games running through it as well, as you'll have to scrounge for ammo and supplies in order to stay alive and keep up the fight.   

Generation Zero will go for $35/£30/€35, and a physical collector's edition will be available at "selected retailers." Details are up at

Andy Chalk

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