Geguri set to join the Shanghai Dragons, report says

Following yesterday's report that Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon could soon become the first female player to join the Overwatch League, ESPN says that multiple sources have told it that she, along with three other players—Lee Eui-Seok of Element Mystic and Cheon "Ado" Ki-hyun of MVP Space, and an unnamed Chinese player—are set to join the Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons are currently dead last in the Overwatch League standings with an 0-8 record, and an abysmal 6-36 record on individual maps, according to Liquidpedia. That's dire by any measure, and ESPN cites the failure of current tank players Wenhao "Roshan" Jing and Dongjian "MG" Wu as one of the primary reasons for the weak start. 

The Dragons are currently comprised entirely of Mandarin speakers, and facilitating communication is one of the reasons the team is bringing on three South Korean players simultaneously. The three players are expected to begin crash-coursing in the language in order to have some basic ability to communicate in game in time for their debut, although there's no indication as to when that might be.

Geguri is one of the top off-tank players in the business, famously overcame accusations of cheating as a Zarya player in 2016 in part by putting on a livestreamed demonstration of her skills. Early speculation had her going to the New York Excelsior, so this development is somewhat unexpected. Assuming it happens, that is: Neither Blizzard nor the Dragons have confirmed the signing.   

Andy Chalk

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