Gears 5's post-launch Operations turn it into a live-service game

The latest video from the official Gears of War YouTube channel explains how Operations will work in Gears 5. These post-launch drops of new stuff will roll out every three months, containing new modes, maps for versus and horde mode, tiles for the map builder, characters, and customization items. Escape mode will get new hives and challenges "nearly every week" as well.

Part of every Operation is a tour of duty, which are daily objectives and seasonal medals that can be completed to unlock more stuff, some of which will only be available during that tour of duty. These include character and weapon skins, executions, blood sprays, marks, banners, and expressions, which is what Gears 5 calls emotes. Though there are broader leaderboards, including a Masters leaderboard for the best of the best, there will also be ranked seasonal leaderboards.

It all sounds a lot like battle pass, and makes Gears 5's multiplayer seem like the kind of live-service product designed to keep players and streamers hooked up to a drip-feed of new stuff for a good long while.

The first tour of duty begins at launch. You'll be able to unlock desert armor for Kait, Del, and Fahz as well as winter armor for Kait and Del, a Final Touch execution and a Team Metal Gnasher. That gnasher skin and Fahz's desert armor, as well as a salute emote, will only be available during this operation.

Finally, every match of versus, horde, or escape earns supply points, which can be spent on supply drops that contain exclusive customization items and are definitely not loot boxes.

Our review of Gears 5 will be ready for you soon.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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