Gearbox reveals three new Battleborn heroes

Whiskey Kelvin Shayne

Gearbox has unveiled three new Heroes who will join the fray in its upcoming "hero shooter" Battleborn: an “offbeat and imperfect facsimile of a soldier” named Whiskey Foxtrot, a massive ice golem called Kelvin, and Shayne & Aurox, an angsty teenage girl who's somehow become bonded with a mean-looking alien.

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Whiskey Foxtrot packs a homemade tactical rifle as his primary weapon, backed up with sticky bombs and a “scrap cannon,” and uses his “combat rhythm” to get a boost to his attack damage after killing an enemy. Kelvin, despite appearances, is in fact a “sentient microorganism civilization” that's taken the shape of a massive golem, and appropriately can use its massive fists to strike the ground for area-effect damage. Shayne & Aurox are a nasty blend of stealth and brute force, as they can move invisibly behind a deployable cloak and unleash surprise strikes from just about anywhere.

Battleborn is set to come out on May 3, but you can get a closer look at what's in store at the PC Gamer Weekender, which will take place over the March 5-6 weekend in London. Creative Director Randy Varnell will be there as well, to discuss the creation of the game and how Gearbox is bringing new elements to traditional FPS design.

Whiskey Foxtrot


Shayne %26 Aurox

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