Gearbox invites 16 graduates to create new unannounced VR game

Borderlands developer Gearbox Software has revealed a new VR project that will welcome 16 soon to be graduates from Southern Methodist University's game dev-focused Guildhall programme. Work on the as yet nameless virtual reality game will begin this summer.

The youthful team—which consists of artists Mario Rodriguez Devanshu Bishnoi, Nina Davis, Taylor Gallagher, Taylor McCart and Mace Mulleady; designers Michael Feffer, Alexandre Foures, Steve Kocher, Jacob Lavender and Sam Pate; and programmers Taylor Bishop, Nicholas Dorbin, Benjamin D. Gibson, Clay Howell and K. Komal Shashank—has already entered into the world of VR development, having released the HTC Vive-exclusive Mouse Playhouse earlier this year.

"In this year’s graduating cohort, I am very excited that such an amazing group of talent has emerged from the program prepared to hit the ground running with research and development in Virtual Reality," Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford told SMU

Director of SMU Guildhall Gary Brubaker added: "SMU Guildhall students, under the mentorship of our world class faculty, work in interdisciplinary teams in the style and pace of the game industry throughout their tenure with us. 

"This intentional interaction allows artists, programmers, designers, and producers to flow through 3+ team game projects and make a seamless transition into the gaming industry, as is showcased by this phenomenal partnership with Gearbox Software."