Gearbox has more Borderlands DLC in development, but don't expect as much

If you follow the happenings of Pandora with any form of regularity, chances are you know Gearbox is pumping out Borderlands 2 DLC past what was originally promised (and paid for) in the original Season Pass.

In an interview with Digital Trends , Gearbox CEO, President, and Founder Randy Pitchford promised even more, yet-to-be announced DLC, but cautioned that this latest batch of DLC won't be anywhere near the scale of first few add-ons.

“We've got more content to come, but if you get it in your mind that you're expecting the same amount that was in the Season Pass, I'm afraid we're going to disappoint you,” Pitchford said. “Because the content that's to come is not of that same scale. It's not going to be priced at the same scale, so the value will be great, but it's not at that same scale.”

Considering all the previous packs were $10 for non-Season Pass holders (besides the $5 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2), my guess is we'll see future packs being sold somewhere in the $5 range. I suppose it gives Pandora's more dedicated pillagers something to chew on while Gearbox tinkers with that new game of theirs .