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GDC 2013: Epic show off Unreal Engine 4 with astounding "Infiltrator" tech demo

This is more like it! All this messing about with old men's faces has been great and all, but it's not really what games are about. Games are about grey corridors, faintly futuristic military hardware and hovering robots that go "WOOWOOWOOWOOooooooooooh" as they fly by. Epic have given us all of that and more with their Unreal Engine 4 tech demo, Infiltrator, unveiled at GDC.

I know, right? When Ghosty McSkullface looked out over that cityscape, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor too. The demo was built to show off the engine's capabilities for next-gen development. Epic even proved it was real-time at the event, dropping out the real-time lighting and showing wireframe only versions of the demo's assets.

Thanks, Polygon .

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