Killing Floor 2's next update stars Gary Busey as 'Badass Santa'

Gary Busey did a turn a couple of years ago as an Elusive Target in Hitman, and apparently he was elusive indeed, because soon he'll take center stage in Killing Floor 2's Twisted Christmas: Season's Beatings update as—brace yourselves—Badass Santa

Badass Santa isn't a boss, but a new purchasable, playable character voiced by Busey. Separately, Busey will deliver advice on weapon and gear purchases at the Free Trader station as a unique voice for the Trader. There will be a few new weapons under that tree, too: a new Thompson SMG, a Krampus battle axe, an M32 grenade launcher, and the Fire Axe, a seasonal favorite for Berserkers. 

The update will also include a couple of festive new maps, Santa's Workshop and Shopping Spree, the return of Christmas-themed Zeds, and for owners of Road Redemption, the return of the Road Redeemer weapon for the Berserker class.   

The Killing Floor 2 – Twisted Christmas: Season's Beatings update will go live in early December, and will be free for all owners of the game. Busey's Badass Santa will also be available for purchase as a playable character. 

Developer Tripwire Interactive also announced that Killing Floor 2 has sold more than three million copies since its release in November 2016—not really related to the holiday update, but still an impressive milestone to move past, and a nice way to kick off the season.

Update: Tripwire clarified that the Badass Santa playable character will go for $10, but will not be available for purchase during the Twisted Christmas: Season's Beatings beta, which is set to go live later today. The Gary Busey-voiced trader will be live in the beta, however. 

Andy Chalk

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