GamrRank quantifies your awesomeness across platforms. Limited-time beta access link inside!

In our cynical era, the problem with bragging is that it isn't very persuasive unless it's backed up by data . Thus we have, almost inevitably, GamrRank: a new social media platform targeted at gamers that measures your bragging rights across platforms. Created by a team composed of some ex-BioWare folks (including a Neverwinter Nights community developer and the Senior Marketing Director on Dragon Age: Origins and the first two Mass Effects), the service generates a score based on the games you play, how active you are in talking about those games, and how much Respect (which the devs describe as working like a Facebook "Like") you've earned from other users on the site.

The service is currently in a close beta, but for a limited time, you can sign up using this PC Gamer exclusive link and get started right away.

GamrRank taps into our inner 80s martial arts movie fantasies by scoring you with belts, running from White all the way up to Black, and finally Master. The site's FAQ details that 50% of this score is based on the "Play" component - how often you play games, and how many achievements you've unlocked. The service currently tracks Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and as of this week, World of Warcraft. Another 40% of your score comes from the "Say" social component, and the remaining 10% is from receiving Respect.

Check out the official About page for more info.